24 in 48h readathon

Hey book nerds. I literally decided last minute to do a readathon this weekend. The dates are Friday July  27th @ noon till Sunday July 29th at noon.


The books I’ve chosen to read are Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy and The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken.


What are you reading plans for the weekend? Feel free to hit me up in the comments with what you are reading and if you participate in this readathon


Much love,




24 in 48h readathon

Hello book nerds! This weekend I am doing a 24 hour readathon. It starts tmw at noon and ends Sunday at noon. The books I hope to read are;


Three Dark Crowns by Kendara Blake

American street by Ibi Zoboi

And Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy


What are you reading plans this weekend? Hit me up in the comments with what you are reading.

Marvel-A-thon TBR

Zezee with Books

It’s June and I happen to have some extra reading time to spare, so I was beyond excited when I saw Lauren share her TBR for the Marvel-a-thon readathon, I got excited and decided to join in. It’s exactly what I needed.

I love readathons like this. I think them so creative! The Marvel-a-thon was created by Jamieson of Jamishelves. It’s a month-long readathon (June 1 to July 1) based on the Marvel cinematic universe. Here are the details as posted by Jamieson:

This readathon is focused around Marvel movies in the cinematic universe, each of the movies have been split into their phases and there is one challenge per movie.

The goal is to read a book for EVERY SINGLE MOVIE (that’s 21 movies, by the way). Everyone starts in Phase One, and you can’t move on to the next phase until you’ve completed all the challenges. Here…

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Suicide tattoo

I was 16 when I first tried to commit suicide by cutting. After that I would cut for “release”. I went threw a lot before I was diagnosed. In 2015 they ran the semi colon tattoo campaign. It brought me into getting my own semi colon tattoo. I chose to get one in a infinity symbol because hope is eternal. My story never ends. My tattoo was done by Eldrick at Sin on Skin in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve been going to Eldrick for all my tattoos since 2009. After again trying to commit suicide last January, this tattoo has become even more important to me. It reminds me that no matter how hard things get to never give up, to keep going. Hope is eternal  ❤

Birth control joys

I was 13 when I first started birth control pills. I started them to help clear up my acne. They were great minus all the pills I forgot to take and all the headaches the estrogen caused.

My next birth control attempt was when I was 15. I tried the birth control patch. It was better minus the fact that everyone kept asking me if it was “the patch” (meaning Nicoderm). Eventually I had just got my sister to write “the patch” on it and everyone stopped asking. The second bad thing to happen with this is it caused terrible stomach pain, the patch had caused my uterus to expand.

My next birth control choice was when I was twenty one and it has to be the worst birth control choice of my life. The Depo shot. The Depo shot sounded great, go in every three months, get a shot, no estrogen. Only it was so much more. After my first shot I bled continually for three months. Not a heavy bleed, just enough to need a liner. Then after being on it for a year and a half I noticed that I gained 40 pounds! After being on it for two years I was told the only way I could have kids was threw ivf. After that I started to get really sick, headaches, stomach pain, throwing up all the time. Once I had stopped the Depo shot it took me two years to get a full period. I honestly wouldn’t reccomend the Depo shot on my worst enemy.

Now being 29, having been married for six years I can tell you that condoms are a mood killer. So that brings me to the next birth control I am going to try. Mirena or IUD for short. I go to my gyno next week to talk about it. I’m hoping all the rave reviews are right.

Now wether you want kids (just not right now). You’re a teenager or you just don’t want kids period. Sex can be amazing as long as you as protected. Safe sex is the best kind of sex.



Always and Forever, Lara Jean Review

So I just finished Always and Forever, Lara Jean today and I loved it. Jenny Han did a amazing job with this concluding novel.

Lara Jean is 17 and a senior in highschool. This is the year where everything changes. Along with her boyfriend Peter, Lara Jean has it all planned out. She’s going to go to the local University with Peter and spend the next four years loving life. Only that’s not what happens.

When Lara Jeans plans are derailed she must learn to carve a new path, maybe even a better one. This book will have you laughing and just cheering for Lara Jean and her family. Easily a 5 star read!