Facial peel in a bottle

Today I went to the mall in search of a facial exfoliant. When I headed to the body shop I never expected to find something so amazing! I was shown a youth facial peel. After testing it on my hand and seeing all the nasty dirt and build up I couldn’t wait to try it on my face and on my husband (surprise). It picked up all the dirt oil and dead skin I had on my face (believe me it was a lot). For someone who washes their face as much as I do (being a up and coming makeup artist I’m always washing makeup off) I never thought my face would be so dirty. It was absolutely disgusting, but I have to say, after doing the facial peel my skin feels so much healthier and cleaner. I honestly can’t wait till the next time I use it. I believe it was $26 @ the body shop. I give it 5 stars! I will definitely be buying it again.

On my Twitter (Twitter.com/readbytanya) I try to stress the importance of self care. As a bookie it’s so easy to just apply a face mask, hand mask or even foot mask while you are reading.

Tanya xx


Face base

Hello lovies! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!


Today’s blog post is about your face base. The face base consists of foundation, concealer, blush and powder.


Foundation should match your skin tone perfectly. When looking for a foundation test a line from your cheekbone down your neck. The color that disappears (blends right in) is the shade for you.

Concelear- concealer should also match you skin tone. Myths that concelear should be 1-3 shades lighter than the skin tone is wrong. For myself I have purple bags under my eyes so I combat that by mixing to different concelear colors. One peach (the lights shade MAC makes) and a yellow shaded concealer.


Next is blush. Blush should be applied at the cheek to brow bone. For a natural face blush should be the same color as if you were to naturally flush.

The last step is powder. Using a big fluffy brush powder your entire face. This helps set your makeup and keep it in place all day.

Hope this helps some of you out

Tanya xx

10 questions about me

Hello book nerds! I thought today might be a good day for a Q&A. So I figured why not answer 10 questions about myself.


1, Where are you from?

-I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2, How long have you been married?

-My husband (Catlin) and I have been together for 9.5 years, married for 7.

3, Do you have any children?

– No. We are perfectly content just having pets

4, How many pets do you have?

– We have 4 rats, 2 girls, 2 boys All named after Hunger Games charecters. Primrose, Peeta, Katniss and Cato

5, What got you into reading?

– I started reading when I was 20 and working night shifts at the hospital. There was nothing to do while the patients slept so I’d read a book (mostly Lisa Jackson)

6, What is your favorite genre to read?

– I prefer to read young adult. I really enjoy contemporary, fantasy, historical fiction and some science fiction.

7, What is the biggest book you’ve ever read?

– This month I have chosen to tackle “IT” by Stephen King, its over 1000 pages and is well out of my comfort zone.

8, What is your favorite food?

– My fav foods are mennonite dishes, one being yilcha kilcha. Its homemade noodles with cottage cheese, saskatoons, raisens (I leave them out), grimmle fat (refried bacon fat) and cream gravy. It literally looks like barf on a plate but it is SO good! Lol

9, What is your favorite book?

– My fav adult book is The Birth House and The Virgins Cure, both by Ami Makay. If you haven’t read these I highly suggest you do, they are historical fiction type novels and they are SO good!. My favorite young adult book is probably To all the boys I loved before by Jenny Han. I can read that book in one sitting over, and over again and not get sick of it.

10, What made you want to start a book blog?

– To be honest I think my blog is mostly books with some lifestyle blogs thrown in there. I loved writing for years, and since my husband doesn’t read I needed someone to talk to so I figured, why not start a blog?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs, it means a lot to me. My plan was to do blogtober so keep a eye out for more blog posts from me this month.

With love,

Tanya xx



24h readathon

Hello book nerds! I am doing a 24h readathon on Thursday Sept 27 at 3pm till Friday Sept 28th at 3pm. I will be picking books off my kobo. Is anyone interested in joining me? I will be blogging about it when Im done. Im hoping someone will join me.

Till next time


24h readathon

Hello book nerds!


Yesterday I did a 24hour readathon and chose to reread To all the boys I loved before and P.S I still love you by Jenny Han. I love these fluffy contemporary books, full of family love and just the right amount of drama. I read both books yesterday with 4 hours to spare in the day. If you are looking for a lighthearted contemporary book to read I highly suggest picking up these ones! 5 stars to each book.

So, are you team Peter or team John? Myself, I love both guys for different reasons and can’t seem to pick a winner. I know Lara Jean is only 16 in the first book but her “relationship” with Peter is goals. Haha, even though my husband and I have been together for 10 years it would be nice to recieve love notes like Peter writes Lara Jean.

I will be doing reviews for both books, coming soon


Till next time my loves,



One day we’ll all be dead and none of this will matter review

One day we’ll all be dead and none of this will matter by Scaachi Koul. A book of essays about life in a Indian family and growing up.


What a hilarious and sarcastic bunch of stories. I loved every minute of reading this book. Every word was perfectly written. The story starts off in Alberta Canada where our main character lives. After she finishes high school she moves to Toronto away from her family to start her new life. Still stuck under her parents rules even as a adult Scaachi yearns for freedom, while still respecting her parents wishes.

This book was hilarious and sarcastic, everything I love in a book. At 237 pages I wish it was longer. 5 stars for sure!


Till next time!



Harry Potter and the philosophers stone review

Hello book nerds!


I just read Harry Potter and the philosophers stone yesterday for the 3rd time and of course I loved it. My favorite character is still Neville followed closely but the brainy and ever loyal Hermione Granger.


Harry Potter is the story of a eleven year old boy name Harry Potter (surprise). Harry lives with his Aunt, Uncle and cousin in London and they are horrible to him. They make home sleep in a little broom closet under the stairs. When Harry was a baby a evil wizard by the name of Voldemort came and killed his parents and also tried to kill Harry. For reasons we find out later Harry survived Voldemort’s attack, which is why he lives with his Aunt and uncle.

One day Harry gets a letter (brought by an owl) that states he is a wizard and will be going to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. At school Harry makes new friends, has new experiences and even makes a enemy. What will this young wizards school year hold for him? You must read the book to find out.

5 stars! Cant wait to read and review the 2nd book.


Till we meet again,

❤ Tanya ❤